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Thank you for visiting our web site. Enjoy your journey through our church.   Our church is a vibrant, active group of people striving to serve God and our community. We're excited about having you join us. After all, we're not called "Friendliest Church in Farragut - West Knoxville" for nothing!

Union features a traditional service, with lots of gospel songs and bible centered preaching.  If you are not satisfied with the new rock Christian music theme in many of today's churches, then come home to Union.

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8:30 am - Petro's Truck Stop

9:45 am - Sunday School All Ages

11:00 am - Worship Service


Current serving Session Elders:

Dave Garner, Finance

Jamie Dunn, Worship

Gena Wood,  Christian Ed

Tommy Campbell,  Prayer

Fred Shoemaker, Fellowship

Bill Walton, Maintenance

Hugh Turpin, Clerk of the Session



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1. Why is going to church relevant?2. Church has never worked  for you?  Understand why.
3. Is there really a Heaven?  What's it like?


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Twelve Step Program started May 1, Thursdays at Union 11am to 12 noon weekly on Thursdays.  Open for new attendees, call the office at 966-9040 for more info.


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Union features a traditional service, with lots of gospel songs and bible centered preaching.  If you are not satisfied with the new rock Christian music theme in many of today's churches, then come home to Union.


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Reverend Alfonso Marquez hosts the Cumberland Presbyterian Hispanic church in Lenoir City.  He has had many mission trips to Mexico. 

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Our list goes on and continues to grow . . .

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Union Cumberland Presbyterian Churchís roots can be traced back to December 15, 1860, when thirteen citizens from the Concord and Marietta Cumberland Presbyterian churches met to worship together and plan for a new church.  These founding members, met in a log, schoolhouse near the Loudon County line, near an old road that later would become Kingston Pike.  With 10 new members and itís first pastor, N.M. McNabb, Union Cumberland Presbyterian church was admitted to the Cumberland Presbytery three years later, in 1863. 

Church services were disrupted during the Great American Civil War and no regular preaching occurred during this time and until 1869. Having no church structure, still meeting in the old log school, and having only eleven members at that time, the church members petitioned to dissolve the church and the members scatter to other churches.  The Cumberland Presbytery denied their petition and encouraged them hold on and ďgot to workĒ with the Lordís help. The members were encouraged and felt the lordís call to regroup and build a church.  A new church was built from timber donated by members and held a protracted meeting on the second Sunday of September 1869, that lasted nine day and resulted in twenty three new members added to the church. The Reverend S.B. West was called to become Unionís new minister.

Union continued to prosper during the next two decades from 1880 to 1935, surviving WWI and the Great Depression. The church had grown so much, that during the warm summer months, Sunday school classes were held outside underneath the oak trees near the cemetery. A bigger structure was needed, but money was hard to come by during the depression years. The members elected to raise funds through pledges and fund raising events. Labor and materials were donated and a bigger structure was eventually built. 

Union experienced a slow down in growth, during World War II and into the early 1960ís. 

As the rural landscape began to change from a farming community to a suburban community, the population of the community greatly increased during the 1970ís.

The church called Reverend Lenord Turner in 1972.  In just a few short years, the church grew to over flowing capacity and a re-occurring dilemma emerged. A larger structure was needed and once again the church was faced with the decision of growth and how to pay for it.

A campaign was started to raise money from member pledges in addition to a building loan. Land was purchased for the new campus in the mid 1970ís. A new structure was built and dedicated in November of 1980.  As membership continued to grow under the leadership of Reverend Leonard Turner, A new worship structure was built in 1993 and the entire campus is situated on fifteen acres including the structure itself and recreational facilities.    (See photo to the right)

     The church has continued to grow and added the broadcast ministry, WUCP FM 99.9 in 2004.

     A more complete history of Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church can be found in the Church Library.




This interactive calendar is updated weekly, so please check back often.

Sunday,  9:45am Sunday School; 11am Worship Service

Sunday  Service, 11am

Wednesday evening "Fellowship Dinner, 6pm, Bible Study 7pm


Compassion Ministry

Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church is committed to helping itís Church members and the surrounding community who may have special circumstances that prevent them from meeting their basic needs. In order to help meet some of those needs we are starting a benevolence program. In addition to one-to-one help, we will be working with other churches and relief agencies.

If you have questions please contact Ron Reagan at rons03ultra@hotmail.com  Or call 640-6766.


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